June 26, 2016

Massage Chairs

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Since being introduced in 1954 massage chairs have become significantly popular in Japan, where it is estimated nearly a quarter of all households own a massage chair. They are now becoming increasingly popular in US and UK market for both professional and personal use.

There are two types of massage chairs available: traditional and robotic. Traditional chairs are typically used by massage therapists to offer onsite massages to clients. Robotic chairs are typically found in homes and are designed to massage a person automatically.

Traditional and Robotic Massage Chairs

Traditional massage chairs are designed for a person to either lie or sit comfortably whilst another person, usually a trained massage therapist, relieves the client of stress through massaging. These are cheaper than robotic chairs however they require a person to perform the massage.

Robotic massage chairs are more popular for personal use as they work automatically without anyone else performing the massage. They come in different styles, prices, and intensity levels and are found on both online and retail stores.

New robotic massage chairs can now also integrate with your smart phone and allow you to play music through speakers built into the chair. These features are only available on recently released products and offered by a select group of manufactures.

Choosing The Right Chair

Choosing a the right chair can be frustrating due to the fact there are so many to choose from and it is hard to gauge the quality of the chair itself. Typically lower priced massage chairs will work less effectively than higher priced ones which deliver a better overall experience.

If you run or plan to run a massage business then traditional chairs are typically best as they are cheaper and more portable. Robotic massage chairs are great for home use or an additional service that you can provide e.g. in a beauty salon.

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